What is the Fringe Game History Podcast?

As long as there have been personal computers, people have been using them to make games. They have made them alone. They have made them with friends. They have formed companies and sold them. They have given them away for free.

People from all walks of life have made all kinds of games for all kinds of reasons. Most conventional game history leaves out games that didn’t have a large impact on the broader industry.

But the history of the games industry is NOT the history of games.

There are countless games that run the risk of being forgotten entirely, but they mattered to somebody. Who made them? How? Why? Whose lives did they touch?

The Fringe Game History Podcast is my attempt to tell some of those stories which might otherwise be lost.

Who makes it?

The Fringe Game History Podcast is a project by Jeremy Penner. Some other projects I've done that you may find interesting:

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